En riktig vän

Yun kom över för ett tag sedan. Han står i köket lagar middag till mig just nu. Berättade för honom i helgen att jag har kommit in i en ”tyngre” period. Alltså att jag känner mig mer otymplig och tung, är tröttare och sover mycket. Jag ska nog göra matlådor nån dag, så att jag kan värma på maten under de dagarna som jag absolut inte orka stå i köket. Har känt att det har varit ett par sånna dagar nu där ryggsmärtan har varit extrema.

Inte nog med lite hjälp i köket har Yun kommit med min nya telefon också. Jag köpte en iPhone X igår med hjälp av Yun medan jag låg hemma i sängen. Det första han gjorde när han kom in var att sätta på skärmskyddet och simkortet i telefonen till mig. Känns som att mina vänner är överdrivna snälla just nu när jag är gravid. Det är något speciellt med äkta vänner, ena sekunden kallar de mig för tjockis och sen är de snälla med mig. Haha 😀
Jag har vissa vänner där vi kan vara ganska hårda i orden med varandra och skrattar åt varandra. Men vi vet hur mycket vi älskar varandra ändå. Svårt att förklara hur en sån typ av vänskap funkar, men det är en ovillkorlig kärlek. 

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  1. Skärmskydd!?!????

    Men nej! Förstör inte din mobil. Om Apple hade tyckt du behövde ett skärmskydd så hade de redan kommit med mobilen. Jag lovar. Går det att ta bort igen eller har ni permanent förstört skärmen under?

    1. Apple tycker det är toppen när man krossar sin glas-skärm och måste betala 1000 kronor för att få den hel igen

      1. Fast ditt skärmskydd skyddar inte mot det, så….

        Och nej Apple tänker inte så.

      2. Det är snarare de som säljer skydden som är nöjda med att se har lurat på dig en onödig produkt som sänker prestandan på din mobil.

      3. Jag tappade telefonen med skärmen nedåt men den skyddades av glasskyddet, så produkten fyller sin funktion 🤷🏼

  2. Screen Protectors Decrease Responsiveness

    This could be quite subjective, but I believe that a lot of screen protectors can negatively impact the clarity of the iPhone’s display, as well as reduce touch responsiveness while using the device..

    All my phones have had one before, but this year, after getting my iPad Pro, I left the screen naked except for the Apple Smart Cover, and I have been blown over with the clarity and screen sensitivity, so this time, I ordered a wallet case and plan to leave the screen naked.
    I think it will offer enough protection from accidental nicks but allow me to experience the screen the way Apple meant it to be.

    …Protecting something with glass generally doesn’t make sense. No doubt, tempered glass is stronger than ordinary glass. However, when it comes to trying to protect something from drops, impacts, and abrasive forces, glass isn’t a great candidate. There’s a reason car doors aren’t made of glass. Device screens today are made of glass, but this isn’t because it is particularly strong — it’s because it makes for a fantastic and beautiful user interface. In fact, the relative weakness of glass is a problem that most glass manufacturers are trying to solve.

    Glass fails catastrophically, and poses health risks. Tempered glass is hardened via a process that leaves the surface of the glass compressed — it is this compression that gives tempered glass its strength, but at the risk of catastrophic failure (meaning that when it does fail, it fails hard and fast, not that it is a “catastrophe”). When tempered glass fails, that compressive energy is released: sending tiny shards of glass everywhere for as long as a minute, invisible to a human eye. Considering the constant contact with our hands and close proximity to our faces, we would never put a tempered glass screen protector on our phones, let alone sell them to others.

    ….That said, I don’t use screen protectors.

    Why you ask? Well, for several reasons. First, I suck at putting them on. I can’t think of an experience installing a screen protector where I didn’t end up with some hideous air bubbles. Second, I don’t love the way screen protectors feel. Depending on how much money you spend on your screen protector, they can absolutely alter the experience you have while interacting with your device. They can be slightly grippier, or softer. For better or for worse, the experience can change. Third, I’ve seen a lot of screen protectors that discolor over time. I’m not sure if they collect the oils from your fingers or if it’s some sort of degradation of the plastic, but your viewing experience might not be as clear as it could be. And lastly, I don’t feel like I need it. Phone manufacturers use materials on your device’s display that are engineered specifically to not scratch under most conditions. I’ll do my best to explain.

    Material hardness

    Hardness is a word used by scientists or engineers to classify materials. Maybe you’ve discussed hardness in other situations, but I don’t think I’ve ever used the word hardness in this context outside of class or some engineering conversation. Regardless, one way that the hardness of materials are classified is by actually using different materials to scratch other materials. In general, a harder material cannot be scratched by a softer material. For example, diamonds are at the top of the hardness scale. I don’t suggest you try this, but the only thing you’re going to find out there that may scratch a diamond is probably another diamond. However, the gold wedding bands that are held by the diamonds scratch pretty easily. Gold is a pretty soft metal, so there are many materials out there that can scratch it. Therefore, to keep rings pretty, they need to be replated every once in a while. Once, being the nerd I am, I told my wife that her diamond could scratch my proclaimed unscratchable tungsten carbide wedding band. So she tried it out, and now my wedding band is scratched.

    Anyway. Back to phones. Typically phones these days have glass on their displays, and most have an enhanced glass called Gorilla Glass by Corning Glass. I’ve briefly tried to do a little research and figure out how hard Gorilla glass is compared to other materialsmohs en. According to Corning’s spec sheet for Gorilla Glass 3, the glass had a hardness between 534 – 649 kgf/mm^2. (Interestingly, this is softer than the original Gorilla Glass). If we check out the hardness scale to the right, we see that this value falls under the category of scratchable by a steel file (which is typically a hardened steel). This means that anything softer than a steel file like household knives, keys, or coins would likely not scratch your display. In addition to the hardness of Gorilla Glass, Corning uses special coatings on the glass surface to reduce its ability to collect fingerprints and also improve abrasion (scratch) resistance.

    So what does this all mean? There are limited number of materials that we come into contact with on a daily basis that will actually scratch your phone’s display. With some easy-to-learn strategy, you can avoid both using a screen protector and accumulating scratches on your display.

    Strategy to avoid scratches

    Here’s what I do: I have a designated pocket where a put my phone that nothing else ever goes into besides the occasional plastic pen or chapstick. This could be a pants pocket or a purse pocket. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is keeping your phone away from accidental contact with materials that can scratch it like other glass, some rare metals and what I think is one of the biggest display scratching culprits: sand.

    We all know it’s a thing. Pocket sand can wreck a phone. I know purses get it too. So you obviously need to think this through and make a plan that works for you. I personally am rarely around sand or dirt and never put anything in my designated phone pocket except for my phone, so I haven’t run into the pocket sand issue. But sand, especially beach sand, is the hard material left over from thousands of years of waves crashing and wearing it down. It’s hard stuff and will easily scratch all parts of your phone. When I go to the beach, I put my phone in a plastic sandwich bag and don’t take it out until I’m sure the coast is clear.

    Additionally, if you use the same pocket for your phone every time, you won’t have to frantically search for it when someone calls. You may even misplace it less. This is a life hack for using your phone that’s worked for me and kept my phones pretty. It may work for you, too.

    Du förstör din mobil och hur den är tänkt att fungera Foki. Jag lovar. Fråga Apple själva varför de inte redan från början satt på ett om de nu är så bra.

  3. Ett hett tips är att se till att ha matlådor redo i frysen till efter förlossningen också! Sjukt värt när man är sliten, trött och varken känner för att handla eller laga mat! Med vårt första barn levde vi typ på matlådor första veckorna!

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